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Do You Wish To Lick My Feet, Slave I Show You

Three times during the night I received phone calls from the Moore family, so much for getting sleep, once from Ann telling me to pick up a coffee for her and Maria from the coffee bar. The two other calls were from Jeff instructing me to be at the house at 7 a. When I arrived at the house, everything was quiet and peaceful, a suburban peace that was a contrast to that of what my life was becoming, a servant, almost a slave to the Moore family. Would I receive a whipping for making too much noise entering their home that morning? I was anxious, knowing that any little error could mean discipline, humiliation, verbal disgrace.
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Lick My Nylon Feet Porn

Do You Wish To Lick My Feet, Slave I Show You
Do You Wish To Lick My Feet, Slave I Show You
Do You Wish To Lick My Feet, Slave I Show You
Do You Wish To Lick My Feet, Slave I Show You
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Nervously my finger pressed the buzzer, within ten seconds the release mechanism clicked and opened the door, I pushed it ajar and entered a dimly lit hallway, a stair case lay in front of me, leading down to a single ominous black door, I walked down and knocked,. The room was spacious and painted a matt black with a cold stone floor, recess lights in the ceiling were dimmed to give a low glow of light, the striking furnishings and the various chains and restraints which hung from the wall gave no illusion that this was anything other than a dungeon. Directly in front of me across the other side of the room was a large dark wooden throne, sat on the throne with her legs crossed and her arms folded was my new mistress.
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In every war there are casualities for both sides. I was ready to even die if it ensures we win against Ionia as the Noxians, but unfortunately I've faced a fate far worse than death. We lost the battle. I don't know what happened to the other side of the battle, but here. Me and many other soldiers got destroyed and beaten by 1 women named Riven.
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