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Mature Rated Kingdom Hearts 2 In Japan

Since Kingdom Hearts 4 was confirmed by Square Enix to be in development just earlier today, as the series celebrated its 20th anniversary, fans have been picking apart the newly released trailer for clues as to what the upcoming title might include. So far, these dedicated spotters have sifted some telling details. We may not have seen any big hints gesturing to Disney worlds, but fans have spotted references to a galaxy far, far away Meanwhile, Japanese fans have noticed how one part of the trailer appears to depict a highly detailed recreation of one part of the real-world Tokyo. It seems the street where Sora is running in the game is closely modeled on a real-life street in a famously glitzy area known as Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Meanwhile, another eagle-eyed fan noted that Sora lives in "one of the most expensive residential areas in Tokyo".
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Please, Square Enix: Don’t Cut Any Content From Kingdom Hearts III

Mature Rated Kingdom Hearts 2 In Japan
Mature Rated Kingdom Hearts 2 In Japan
Mature Rated Kingdom Hearts 2 In Japan
Mature Rated Kingdom Hearts 2 In Japan
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Does Jane Talk About English in Japanese Kingdom Hearts? « Legends of Localization

The Kingdom Hearts series has had many installments released over the past decade. The cutscenes that help make the story easier to understand , weapons, items, secret bosses, data bosses, absent silhouettes, enemies and Critical Mode which was cut from the original North American release made this game ten times longer and far more entertaining than any other mode were among a laundry list of other additional content. The Final Mix version is the definitive version of the game and was only released in Japan, making fans the world over more than jealous when we finally realized just how much we were truly missing out on once YouTube became a thing. My main deal here is after we have all waited so long for Kingdom Hearts III a decade plus to be exact , if Square Enix was to cut content out and only release it in Japan again after giving us the final mix versions of the first two games and Birth By Sleep, it would be nothing but a major slap in the face and insult to the fan base to hold back anything from us now. I want my Kingdom Hearts III experience to be complete, day one, out of the box, with everything on disc. I do not, however, want to have the game broken down into halves and released to us through a span of months via paid DLC.
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Does Jane Talk About English in Japanese Kingdom Hearts?

My copy arrived in the mail today, and I've absolutely been addicted to it! The shipping was fast, the price was great, and the game is absolutely sensational! I suggest this game to anybody who's a Kingdom Hearts fan, and I suggest if you're going to buy it from any site, this is the one to get it from! Please note that opinions expressed in any review are those of our customers and do not necessarily match those of the Playasia. EN USD.
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This one comes from madammina and is about something Jane says in the first game:. So, what did they do in the Japanese version? Did they change it so Jane remarks on Sora speaking Japanese, or does she say something else entirely?
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