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Mom And Dad Just Left, This Boy Seems To Have Fun

As parents, what we do around our children can leave a lasting impact, but the things we say to them matters just as much. The phrases we use when speaking to our kids or even just around them not only reflect our beliefs about the world, but they also influence the beliefs they develop. In my book, "13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do," I explain how to give up common unhealthy habits that rob kids of developing the mental strength they need to reach their greatest potential. And many of those habits involve changing your language. Although some of the phrases you're used to saying regularly might seem harmless, they can cause your kids to grow up with a victim mentality — or to believe that they can't succeed. If something you really want is out of your price range, don't insist that you can never have it simply because money is holding you back.
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19 Sneaky Signs Your Mom Is Toxic

Mom And Dad Just Left, This Boy Seems To Have Fun
Mom And Dad Just Left, This Boy Seems To Have Fun
Mom And Dad Just Left, This Boy Seems To Have Fun
Mom And Dad Just Left, This Boy Seems To Have Fun
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The mental load: Women reflect on the messy truth of being a mom

Parenting is one of the most popular areas of self-help. For many, parenting books are purchased while the child is still in utero. The past few decades have brought a lot of new discoveries about child development, child behavior, and the nature of the parent-child relationship, some of which have been extremely important. But the volume of information can be overwhelming. We asked some of the best-known experts in the field what they see as some of the prime ways parents can mess up their kids. From child psychologists to child psychiatrists to child doctors, the experts gave us the lowdown on what harms and helps kids.
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145+ Funny Mom Jokes Because She's Way Funnier Than Dad (Just Don't Tell Him That)

Children have a special way of warming our hearts, but they also have a special way of shocking us and kicking parents in the gut. One moment your little one is looking up at you adoringly and saying, "I love you, Mommy," and the next your toddler says, "I don't like Daddy. You both gave this little person life and love.
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Young children love to play together, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID pandemic, playdates with friends and games with large groups are sadly not safe ideas. Physical distancing is a responsible way to protect ourselves and others, but for little ones learning about the world around them and connecting with their peers through play, it can be especially challenging. We teamed up with our friends at the LEGO Foundation to come up with some creative ways to enjoy playful moments with your child and expand her world when physical space is limited. All you need to play this game is your hands and a sweet voice.
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